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Create Unique Data Sets
EDGAR Online has extensive experience processing financial disclosures and creating value added data sets as a result. With its proprietary method of extracting high quality data quickly and accurately, EDGAR Online enables clients to access company financial data faster, easier and with fewer resources.

Data is created and maintained in-house and can more quickly and accurately be supported when questions or issues may arise. Through our data factory model, EDGAR Online can also create other data sets as required by our partners. EDGAR Online is the exclusive data source of company financial data for OTC market issuers that report financials to OTC markets. This data set includes over one thousand non-SEC filing companies and spanning different global geographies.
EDGAR Online’s data factory is built as a replicable model, allowing us to develop and scale client defined data sets. The EDGAR Online Factory is complemented by its “Workshop”, focused on addressing quality, enhancing productivity and improving workflows through more streamlined technology and validation engines.

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