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Effective Management of Prospectus Filings and Delivery

EDGAR Online has developed a proprietary mapping file which links Mutual Funds filings to each unique filing assigned by the SEC - ultimately allowing users to view, print or downloads specific Mutual Fund documents.

E-Prospectus Highlights:

  • Electronic Access to Mutual Fund, ETF, UIT and ETN Prospectus documents: Statutory Prospectus, Summary Prospectus, Annual and Semi Annual reports and Supplements.
  • Delivery via a hosted URL or API access.
  • Documents are available in HTML, RTF and PDF.
  • Control File is sent daily to show all active documents needed for compliance fulfillment
EDGAR Online offers a comprehensive scope of work that provides each client with unique URLs that when combined with a CUSIP or ticker symbol will allow clients to access EDGAR filings for the appropriate fund. The URLs allow the client to request the following filing types:
  • Annual Report
  • Semi-Annual Report
  • Summary Prospectus
  • Statutory Prospectus

For pricing and additional information, call 212.658.5711 or click here.